Gratis webinar med Roy Mangersnes


Tirsdag 18. mai kl. 20:30 arrangerer NNs Roy Mangersnes et gratis introduksjonsforedrag på Photography Experts, hvor han nylig ble tatt inn som ekspert på deres platform.

Fra deres nettside sakser vi dette:

Photography Experts is an online platform, where you can enjoy direct access to World-renowned, iconic photographers. We work with them to give you an insight into their own journey, sharing their expertise and helping you to reach your creative potential.

Photography Experts is proud to work with award-winning photographers from around the globe and to showcase exceptional photography. Our experts are some of the most gifted & inspirational visual artists working today. These celebrated, visual storytellers are admired for their artistic contribution to the photographic form as well as their technical brilliance, which has influenced and inspired photographers the world over. 

Meld deg på gratis her.

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